Cedar Hill opens arms to artists

Monday Mag – Feb. 17, 2012. If you build it, they will come. That was the hope when the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre opened two newly constructed and fully equipped art studios in September — but since then, few independent artists have taken advantage of the expansive work environments.

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False charities target vulnerable

Experts suggest proactive approach before doling out dollars

Monday Mag – Jan. 12, 2012. The holiday season and new year never fail to drive Victorians to give back to those less fortunate, both in their community and farther afield. But while rejuvenated spirits may prompt you to give, it’s a wise time to be aware of who exactly you’re giving to.

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2012 predictions: Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin

Monday Mag – Jan. 4, 2012. With the excitement of the holidays behind us and a new year looming ahead, there’s plenty of local concerns to keep Victoria’s politicians busy. Whether they’re dealing with new or ongoing disputes, the city’s leaders – and citizens – can look forward to a year of challenges and, hopefully, breakthroughs.From infrastructure development to an influx of youthful new residents, Mayor Dean Fortin predicts the issues he says will shape Victoria’s civic landscape in 2012. Continue reading

Ladyfest Ottawa Trains New Generation of Rockers

Behind the closed doors of the Capital Rehearsal Studio on Bank Street, a muffled “one-two-three-FOUR” sets off a barrage of amplified guitar fuzz. It could be the efforts of a dozen sets of hands, but when the door finally opens, it reveals three girls, their diminutive statures and wide grins belying the ferocity with which they’ve just assaulted their instruments. Continue reading